Soul Mate & Twin Flame Pain? Really?!

I have spent many years educating the public about my understanding of the soul mate and twin flame dynamics. There are many wonderful energy readers and teachers of these spiritual connections and we all have our own personal emotional, spiritual and intellectual interpretations. My main source of information comes from a combination of personal reflection, inspired thought (claricogition), experience working with my clients and my exploration of the spiritual laws and the laws of physics. I believe I have hearty sources of information and experience to draw from and it is my best intentions for the knowledge that I impart to others will serve you in helping you reach your highest good.

Men and women seek out my services mainly for the purpose of alleviating some crisis or pain that they believe they are suffering from being a part of a soul mate or twin flame connection. People don't seek me out if they are experiencing a successful spiritual love connection where the two have a basis of unconditional love. Therefore, with this in mind, my goal and purpose for my service is to provide guidance, a listening ear and information.

In this article, I wanted to speak on the topic of the whole notion of Soul Mate and Twin Flame "Pain". Is there such a thing as pain from being in these connections? Is there such a thing called 'the pain from being separated?' My answer to these questions are Yes and No, and I will do my damndest to explain why.

Years ago I had written an article explaining the telepathic connection between soul mates and twin flames, and how it's a real phenomena. I explained that we live in a Universe based on vibration, and vibrations carry clear signals of intentions, thoughts and emotions. And we as humans are able to interpret these vibrations almost instantaneously! We taste food, hear, feel and see because we as a species have evolved into Masterful Vibrational Interpreters.

Telepathy is vibrational signals as well. As an intuitive, I can tap into the vibrational cadence of anyone that I focus or tune into. So for soul mates and twin flames who are synergistically energetically attached to one another, their telepathic portal to one another is way more pronounced than any other random "Joe" or "Jane". So when I consult with clients and they tell me that they can feel , understand or know what their mate or twin is doing or going through, even miles away, this does not surprise or alarm me.

Some clients consult with me and really want to know how best to deal with the telepathic connections with their twin or mates they are no longer in a "relationship" format with. Although their mates and twins no longer communicate with them with physical intentions, they are still feeling them and keenly aware of them telepathically. What is even more difficult to deal with are the separated mates an twins that suffer from emotional and physical instability. My twin is a habitual marijuana smoker and a weekend binge drinker, so for years after our split, I could not understand why I was feeling so sick physically and loopy mentally, until I realized just how connected I was! But here is the kicker, although I and many many other twins and soul mates are connected to each other and have a great potential to "invade" each other's energetic field, we are NOT powerless or victims to each other's lifestyle choices whether we are with them or not.

How is it possible to NOT feel victimized by your mate or twin's telepathic barrage, good or bad? Well, I have learned that it is all about YOUR OWN vibrational frequency. Take a radio and its signals. If I do not turn the radio to my station of choice, I will be on a station that I may or may not like, but once the radio is on, I will get some sort of frequency. When you come to the realization that your thoughts and emotional set point is at a particular frequency that may be a bit on the negative side, and this is the set point that your mate or twin may be on, you will absolutely find yourself on the same vibrational wave length as your mate or twin. This can be a wonderful feeling or a not so wonderful feeling. But not once do I see my clients as being powerless or victimized by the telepathic connection, knowing that they can adjust their OWN vibrational set point, and thus changing the vibrational frequency that they are on by changing their thought patterns and emotional state. So the so called "pain" that one feels telepathically is simply the case of sloppy vibrational and emotional states, and as a guide, I help my clients become aware and become more disciplined.

For mates who are separated and not communicating, as was the case for me, they are very resistant to changing their emotional and vibrational set point and frequency because both them and I at one point, would rather receive ANY form of communication from my twin than nothing at all, so for in essence, I CHOSE to suffer for years until I CHOSE to put my happiness and well being at the helm of my life, because ultimately we are all responsible for our OWN empowerment, happiness and joy!

The next type of "pain" that clients seek me out to alleviate is the pain of longing and missing their twin or soul mate. When I work with clients, this topic seems to be the most difficult for mates and twins to come to some sense of peace with.

I have clients who suffer prolonged sadness and even depression when they are no longer in a relationship format with their mates or twin. Many refuse to begin dating again, they are allowing their work life to suffer and they are no longer adding the appropriate energy it takes to move towards their dreams and personal goals. They refuse to move one muscle UNLESS they fulfill their dream of reuniting with their soul mate or twin flame.

Here is the kicker, we all have FREE CHOICE to choose who we want to be in relationship with or not. Even if your twin or soul mate says that they want to be with you forever, they still have the freedom and right to chose NOT to honor their promise. Actually, some mates and twins enter our lives to lovingly teach us that TRUE Unconditional Love cannot be regulated, threatened or demanded to fit in a particular format such as a marriage. And if you are not living in the present moment and holding on to past promises and your own wishes and desires for the connection, you will not only miss out on the happiness, you will also miss out on the gift that your soul mate or twin flame has brought to you.

In this instance, the emotional pain or longing or missing your mate or twin is essentially self induced. In truth it is your way of not allowing yourself to accept the reality of your situation, now I did not say LIKE, but ACCEPT what is actually happening. You have chosen to not move forward in your for some fear, idea or promise that no longer applies to you and your mate NOW.

I have clients that cannot even bring their minds to dating other people, even casually, and this is very sad to me because as long as you are in a place of REALLY noticing that you are not in relationship with your mate or twin , you keep them away energetically from stepping forward back into your life, if they choose. The Law of Paradox works in the way, that once you have a desire and embody or live out that desire as though it is already given, that desire must be fulfilled. BUT, if it is love, marriage and children that you desire, and it's with a specific person, such as your twin, and they are not currently in the emotional, physical or spiritual vibration to fulfill your desires, but you keeping yourself shut down and pining for one specific man/woman, you are shutting down other potentials partners that can most certainly fulfill your desires.

When I am consulting with a client and they go on endlessly about how much they miss their soul mate or twin flame, I find that what is really underneath it all is that they desire answers! They are trying to figure out exactly what went wrong so that they can finally make it right, and then they can live happily ever-after. But what they do not understand is that if their mates and twins wanted to work it out, they would! In order to move through the hurt and to the other side, you have to stop looking for someone to blame. Most often, the people I consult feel that they are doing an innocent and loving thing by "figuring it out" and "trying to make it work", but in truth, it's selfish! It is really all about the client not accepting the desires of their twin or soul mate to not continue in the relationship, and they are making their mates and twins responsible for the hurt they feel, responsible for the reason why their lives are a mess. It is no one's responsibility to make you feel better, that's our own individual journey. It is COMPLETELY self-centered to expect someone else to go against what they want to make another happy. The end result always ends in incredible resentment and seething hatred. This deeply ingrained belief does not fly when you are walking the spiritual path. We must come to a place where we depend on no thing or no one to keep us in a place of security and happiness. Empowerment and unconditional love is all about living your life with courage, truth, passion and no strings attached!

It is our own job to soothe our own feelings of betrayal, abandonment, depression, rejection or anger. The old adage "if you love me thenů" is a scheme that limits yourself and others from living in truth and power, now why would you want to live like that?

When I came to the realization that my twin refused to join me in this beautiful connection that we had, I had to first, let go of the ideas, promises and fantasies that I had to make a life with him. Then I had to give up the almost laughable sense of ENTITLEMENT that I believed I had over what he should be doing with his life. When I realize that the whole point of him coming into my life is to first open my heart, set me on this wonderful spiritual path and to learn what True Love really is, without conditions, I felt a deep sadness for ever placing such emotional demands on my twin.

I was able to manage my telepathic "pain" from my twin and let go of the emotional pain from not being with him, by finally facing the truth that he was no longer an active participant in my life and to learn to gradually learn to take responsibility for my own happiness and well being. And these are the two things one must learn in order to truly move through your separation. Afterall, this is all about our individual evolution of our soul, and being FREE to experience Unconditional Love, the love God intended for us!